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Cottage Home Close to The City

Perfect for Short Term Rentals

Cottage Home Close to The City for Sale in Envigado.

Price: COP 2.500 Million COP
Property Taxes: – COP annual taxes
Closing taxes approx for the buyer:   $ 36.875.000
Closing services
* This Plug-in is for informational purposes only to give you an approximate price in your currency. The actual amount in your currency of origin may change without notice

Construction:   mts

Código 9449 CAS EDI

Cottage Home Close to The City for sale in Las Palmas

The Envigado Condo has a beautiful view and common areas. This area is in the low parts of the hills of Envigado, visible to all the places you want to trek: mall, restaurants, auditorium, and shopping.

The Cottage Home Close to The City for Sale is beautiful in Envigado. The property for sale is cheerful and welcoming. In this condo, there is a vast play area for kids.

It has a sizable and pleasant green area, considering children’s ease. The neighborhood is ideal for families.

A great investment option for your own home.

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Cottage Home Close to The City for Sale

Cottage Home Close to The CityFor shopping and entertainment, Envigado has various commercial areas and shopping centers where you can find a wide range of stores, boutiques, restaurants, and entertainment venues.

Envigado benefits from its proximity to Medellín, allowing residents easy access to the larger city’s amenities and employment opportunities. The town is well-connected to the public transportation system, including the Medellín Metro, making commuting or exploring the region convenient.

Cottage Home Close to The CityEnvigado offers urban convenience, cultural heritage, and a strong sense of community. It is a popular choice for locals and expats looking for a residential area with a lively atmosphere and a touch of Colombian tradition.

About this Cottage Home Close to The City for Sale in Envigado

The availability of the Cottage Home Close to The City for Sale is subject to changes in price or sale. The information, including the property measurements, is informative for orientation purposes. To verify these data on the areas and services and all the legal vices of the Cottage Home Close to The City, we highly recommend conducting a professional title study on the Cottage Home Close to The City. In this link, you can get certificates of the property. 

The price of the Cottage Home Close to The City does not include legal expenses such as taxes or sales fees. The property’s seller pays the commission unless stated in the sales contract. Buyers and sellers are taxed when doing property business in Colombia for the sale of the Cottage Home Close to The City.

The seller has the right to choose the notary.
Notarial rights are 0.40%  of the deal and 50% and 50% are assumed by both the buyer and seller
registration taxes 50% and 50%
The buyer assumes registration rights
The seller is responsible for the payment of withholding taxes


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