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Farm Land for Sale near Medellin

Acrege for sale in Betania

Price: $245 Million COP 
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Size of the lot: – 7.9 acres
Fifteen minutes from the main road. Road to the house.
17.9 km or 44 minutes from the main park in the municipality of Betania .
121 km or 3.5 hours from Medellin.
We planted 13 thousand coffee trees and 50 banana plants.
It includes two country houses in fair condition.
The first house of 56 m² four rooms, one bathroom, and a kitchen (fair condition needs remodeling)
The second house is 40 m², with two rooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom, all functional with public services but without veneers.
Epm energy, own abundant water.
Water monthly payment of $8,000.
Option of conducting own water as well.
Property taxes: $400,000 per year.
Debt-free 100%.

HOA: $0  COP per month – To be determined
Property Taxes: –  $400 tousand  COP annually

Closing cost (buyer):   $

Código 9357 FINC HRV

The farm for sale is in Betania a municipality located in the department of Antioquia, Colombia. Here is some information about the municipality:

The farm for sale is in Betania, located in the southwestern region of Antioquia, approximately 180 kilometers from the city of Medellin, the department’s capital. It is part of the subregion of Southwest Antioquia.

Betania is known for its scenic landscapes, which attract visitors who appreciate nature and outdoor activities. The area offers opportunities for hiking, exploring waterfalls, and enjoying the natural beauty of the surrounding mountains and forests.

According to the latest available data from the Colombian government, the population of Betania is around 4,500 people. The majority of the population engages in agricultural activities, with coffee being one of the primary crops grown in the area.

The local economy of Betania is primarily agriculture, with coffee production being a significant source of income for many residents. Other agricultural products cultivated in the region include plantains, bananas, and fruits. Livestock farming, such as cattle and poultry, also affects the local economy.

The municipality has basic infrastructure, including a town center with amenities such as a town hall, schools, health centers, and small businesses catering to the local population. Road connections provide access to Betania, although the terrain in the region can be mountainous and challenging.

Betania celebrates its annual festival in honor of its patron saint, Nuestra Señora del Carmen, on July 16th. This festival features religious processions, traditional music, dance, and cultural events showcasing local traditions and heritage.

While Betania is less well-known and developed than larger cities in Antioquia, like Medellin, offers a rural and peaceful setting with beautiful natural surroundings. The municipality’s primary appeal lies in its tranquility, agricultural activities, and opportunities for outdoor enthusiasts seeking a more rural lifestyle.

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About this land farm for Sale in Betania

The availability of the Farm Land for Sale near Medellin is subject to changes in price or sale. The information, including the property measurements, is informative for orientation purposes. To verify these data on the areas and services and all the legal vices of the property, we highly recommend going to a professional title study on the property. In this link, you can get certificates of the property. 

The price does not include legal expenses such as taxes or sales fees. The property’s seller pays the commission unless stated in the sales contract. Buyers and sellers are taxed when doing property business in Colombia.

The seller has the right to choose the notary.
Notarial rights are .40%  of the deal and 50% and 50% are assumed by both buyer and seller
registration taxes 50% and 50%
The buyer assumes registration rights
The seller is responsible for the payment of withholding taxes

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