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Great cheap condo for sale in Sabaneta

Apartment in Sabaneta for sale. Excellent apartment with all the amenities


Cost: $ 370 Million COP

* This Plug-in is for informational purposes only to give you an approximate price in your currency. The actual amount in your currency of origin may change without notice

Rooms: 3
Bathrooms: 2
Balcony: 1
Parking: 1
Service room: No
Storage Room: 1
Area: 75 m2

Turkish Bath

HOA:   272 mil  COP
Property Taxes: 1.300 million COP annually (284 USD approx)

Approximate closing cost (Buyer): $ 3.650.000

Code: 9313 SAB EDI

investment in real estate medellin

Hello, we are professionals ready to provide you with the best service. Do you have any questions or concerns about this property? Do you want to see this house and others like it?

My name is Thomas Rueda. Contact me at  +57 318 8481 725

The Luxury residential unit in Sabaneta has this apartment for sale in the sector in the lower part of Sabaneta on Calle Larga.

The apartment has very well-achieved distribution and lighting. La Torre Luxury is in a dynamic sector in Sabaneta, with supermarkets nearby. It has excellent common areas. Perfect for sharing with the family, walkable everywhere.

The Luxury Unit is located strategically in the lower part of Sabaneta, close to everything you need, with easy and quick access.

If you are interested in buying an apartment in Sabaneta, please get in touch with us to provide excellent advice.

Services available near to this Inexpensive condo for sale

Transport services
Sabaneta metro feeder buses and Sotrames bus lines.
You can also get taxis with ease

Nearby Colleges and Universities
El Remanso Country School
Rafael J. Mejía Educational Institution
Jose Felix School
San Martin University Foundation
Corporation of Higher Studies of Colombia
Sabaneta University Corporation
EPM Business Group University
CEIPA Business school

Nearest shopping centers in Sabaneta
Mall Vegas Plaza
Aves Maria Shopping Center
Mayorca Shopping Center

Restaurants in Sabaneta
The Hat Mexican Food
Old john
Champiloco Restaurant In Sabaneta
Alma Llanera Restaurant
Stella’s Daughter Restaurant
Restaurante Where Estela

And many, many more.

Various Services in Sabaneta
D1 stores (small supermarkets)
Exito store
Various Drugstores
Venancio Diaz Diaz Hospital
Texaco Service Station
Primax Sabaneta Service Station

About this apartment that is on Offer for sale in Sabaneta in condominium Messantia

The availability of the property is subject to changes in price or sale. The information, including the property measurements, is informative for orientation purposes. To verify these data on the areas and services and all the legal vices of the property, we highly recommend doing a professional title study. In this link, you can get certificates of the property. 

The price does not include legal expenses such as taxes or sales fees. The property’s seller pays the commission unless stated in the sales contract. Buyers and sellers are taxed when doing property business in Colombia.

The seller has the right to choose the notary.

Notarial rights are .40% and 50%, and 50% are assumed
registration taxes 50% and 50%
The buyer assumes registration rights
The seller is responsible for the payment of withholding taxes

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