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How do I pay for the purchase of my property?

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Being a foreigner in Colombia it is impossible to get a loan to buy a property in Colombia. therefore what you have to do is bring the funds to buy said property.

Here the issue is how to bring these funds to the country to be able to make the payments for this property.

escrow service colombiaThere are several companies specializing in the legalization of funds. The funds with which the property is going to be paid must be legally formalized before the Colombian government, this is done through the Banco de la República, and for this certain documents need to be filled out for this. It is nothing to write home about, but it is necessary.

There are several companies that can help you pay for your property, they are experts on the subject, to make such a transfer the buyer must be registered with the company, all the respective paperwork must be approved, and it is not something that is done automatically. The Colombian banking system is somewhat secure – remember all those years when this country had that unholy history? Our company has agreements with companies specialized in the subject.

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