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Legal Services

Legal Services for ExpatsOur legal services department offers a wide variety of services to our clients, from accompaniment in the closing of a property purchase in Medellin and everything that this entails to hiring employees, legal recommendations, visas, and the types available for people who come to live in Colombia.

Our legal office knows precisely because of our experience with foreign clients.

Our legal department is outsourced to lawyers we already know and with whom we have had some negotiations, which is why we know them and have direct references from them.

Better legal service for expats

Legal Services for ExpatsLawyers specializing in visas and related processes are a team that understands the legal service for expats and the needs of our friends and their accompaniment in this department with a commitment like no other and complement to our clients all the way.

It is worth remembering that we understand that, as people, we will not understand each other with everyone; that is why we like to clarify it. If you feel uncomfortable with the lawyer we have assigned you, this lawyer can be replaced so that you are comfortable.

Legal Services for ExpatsComplete legal services for expats

Lawyers specializing in real estate. These attorneys can do an in-depth title search when the business calls for it. In addition, the lawyers specialized in real estate provide us with all the support to close the business, assembly of purchase-sale contracts, study titles, checking of documents related to the purchase, such as paz y salvo, horizontal property regulations, registration, and title to the property in the name of the buyers.

Our legal team is professional in everything related to expatriates; they understand the needs of this specific niche of clients and how we should serve them. We are professionals in real estate in Medellin.

Real Estate for you

For ex-pats residing in Colombia, accessing reliable legal services is crucial to navigating the legal landscape, understanding their rights and obligations, and ensuring a smooth transition and staying there. Whether you need assistance with immigration matters, contractual agreements, property transactions, or any other legal issues, various legal services are available to cater to your specific needs. Here are some common legal services for ex-pats in Colombia:

1. Immigration Law: Immigration lawyers can guide visa requirements, residency permits, work permits, and other immigration-related matters. They can help you understand the different visa categories, assist with the application process, and ensure compliance with immigration regulations.

2. Contract and Business Law: If you are starting a business, entering into contracts, or engaging in commercial transactions in Colombia, legal services specializing in contract and business law can assist. They can review and draft contracts, advise on business structures, handle negotiations, and provide legal support for various business-related matters.

3. Real Estate Law: Expats interested in buying, selling, or renting property in Colombia can benefit from legal services specializing in real estate law. These professionals can guide you through the legal aspects of property transactions, review contracts, conduct due diligence, and ensure your rights are protected.

4. Family Law: Legal services in family law can assist ex-pats with matters such as marriage, divorce, child custody, and adoption. They can advise on legal requirements, assist with documentation, and represent your interests in family law proceedings.

5. Labor Law: If you are employed in Colombia, labor law services can help you understand your rights as an employee, review employment contracts, assist with dispute resolution, and ensure compliance with labor regulations.

6. Personal Injury and Accident Law: In the unfortunate event of an accident or personal injury, legal services specializing in personal injury law can guide your legal rights, help you navigate insurance claims, and represent you in legal proceedings if necessary.

When seeking legal services as an expat in Colombia, working with qualified and reputable professionals is essential. Consider their expertise, experience, track record, language proficiency (English or your native language), and understanding of Colombian and international legal systems.

You can ask for recommendations from fellow ex-pats, consult local expat forums or communities, or contact international law firms operating in Colombia to find suitable legal services. Additionally, communicate your specific needs and expectations to the legal service provider to ensure effective representation and achieve the desired outcomes.