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Legal Services

best realtor service medellinOur legal services department offers a wide variety of services to our clients, from accompaniment in the closing of a property purchase in Medellin and everything that this entails to hiring employees, legal recommendations, visas, and the types available for people who come to live in Colombia.

Our legal office knows precisely because of our experience with foreign clients.

Our legal department is outsourced to lawyers we already know and with whom we have had some negotiations, which is why we know them and have direct references from them.

escrow services en colombiaLawyers specializing in visas and related processes are a team that understands the needs of our clients and their accompaniment in this department with a commitment like no other and complement to our clients all the way.

It is worth remembering that we understand that, as people, we will not understand each other with everyone; that is why we like to clarify it. If you feel uncomfortable with the lawyer we have assigned you, this lawyer can be replaced so that you are comfortable.

escrow contratoLawyers specializing in real estate. These attorneys can do an in-depth title search when the business calls for it. In addition, the lawyers specialized in real estate provide us with all the support to close the business, assembly of purchase-sale contracts, study titles, checking of documents related to the purchase, such as paz y salvo, horizontal property regulations, registration, and title to the property in the name of the buyers.

Our legal team is professional in everything related to expatriates; they understand the needs of this specific niche of clients and how we should serve them. We are professionals in real estate in Medellin.