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Property Inspection services

inspector4In Colombia, it is not customary to do. In Medellin, for issues of mortgage loans or leasing, you have to do something called an appraisal. In some way, it is an expert or property inspector, but not in the way our American and Canadian clients are used to; that is why our property inspection services medellin it is not a service that really exists or is offered to customers.

It happens for the following reason. In Medellin, the properties, in general, are built in a traditional way, which means that they are built with bricks and cement, and this is why they are there is no real need for an inspection. Moreover, houses do not suffer a high risk of burning because the homes are not constructed with wood, which is non-existent in Medellin. So that is why there is no such property inspection service.

inspector1But since Property inspection services medellin understand how important it is for our clients that the properties meet all the criteria, we have designed a checklist of the properties to be sure that our clients will always have that certainty that the property is happening—all construction standards.

This type of inspection cannot be carried out when construction is in progress; other techniques are applied in these cases. You must understand that a property is a living entity; that is why there is earth movement during the first five years of construction while the building fully settles.

Property inpection services Medellin

Property inspection services play a vital role in ensuring real estate’s integrity, safety, and value. Whether you’re a homeowner, buyer, seller, or investor, engaging in a professional property inspection service can provide valuable insights and peace of mind. These services are done by qualified inspectors who thoroughly examine properties to identify existing or potential issues.