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Real estate in Medellin for sale

Envigado is colloquially known as the Colombian Monaco because the standard of living in this municipality in the south of the Valley is medium-high.

The Real estate in Envigado is in the middle-upper class bracket. Envigado is a municipality differentiated for being upper middle class with significant development that has been very organized in the last 30 years.

Envigado has many areas to live in and is a vast municipality. Envigado is in the southern part of the Borrá Valley and has everything you need, never to leave it. (like a miniature Manhattan)

In the lower area of ​​Envigado, you can find locations like Otra Parte (a beautiful farm long ago between Las Vegas Avenue and El Poblado Avenue; this area is full of splendid condominiums and residential units. You will also find small shopping centers, supermarkets, schools, and excellent transportation in this area, either by Las Vegas Avenue or El Poblado Avenue.

There is a corner in Envigado called “La Frontera,” where Envigado ends, and Medellín (the town) begins. In it, you will find one shopping center (Sao Paulo) in front of a small mall called the Mall la Frontera and a supermarket called the Euro. This area is a Premium area in the city of Medellin; it is very close to a place that I call the buckle of the money belt in Medellin (more on this later)

Envigado has very traditional neighborhoods, such as La Magnolia, San Marcos, El Barrio Obrero, and Mesa neighborhoods.

As I already told you, Envigado is very large and goes up to the upper part of Las Palmas; this is a super premium area full of country houses (or paisa mansions as I affectionately call them), another nickname I have given to this area is the Malibu Country.

There are many things that I can write about Envigado, but you will realize on your own how wonderful this area of ​​Medellin is.

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