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The best selection of real estate in Sabaneta

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Real Estate for Sale in Sabaneta

Sabaneta is a town (well not so town anymore) it is the smallest municipality in Colombia. It is a small city south of the Borra Valley that has grown tremendously in the last 18 years.

In this municipality, you will have everything within walking distance. This municipality has a great real estate offer, all services, 3 metro stations, shopping centers, and shops of all kinds, the flat part of the municipality is very easy to walk.

This is a municipality where you will be able to make friends easily. Even with all its development, it is a small town.

Sabaneta has a nature reserve called La Romera, where you can enjoy ecotourism walks and breathe fresh air.

Sabaneta somehow has its own government, it has its own mayor and councilors, and transportation office (DOT)

It should be noted that Sabaneta has an excellent transport service, 3 metro stations, bus service from different places to the metro (we call them metro feeders) it also has a very good bus service and of course… taxis are not lacking.

Sabaneta also has a wide variety of restaurants where you will be able to delight yourself. We have some that we usually like to recommend. As Donde Estella (the chicharron in this place is wonderful) El Viejo John, is another place that we like too much without putting down the other large number of restaurants in the municipality.

Now if you like to drink coffee, in Sabaneta you will find many places to drink coffee, my favorite is Zendaya in Aves Maria, a large number of expatriates pass by this cafe almost every day, the red is wonderful, they have exquisite ice cream and the service is 1st and they are not paying me to speak well of them.

Well, not more, for now, we hope we can help you find the property you need in Sabaneta.

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