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Reasons to own a property in Medellin

buying a property in colombia

There are many reasons to have a property in Medellin. Here are a few reasons we think will help you make one of the best decisions of your life.

• Real estate in Medellin is extremely affordable. In this city, you can buy the property of your dreams for pennies on the dollar.
• The costs of maintenance and administration of property in Medellin are very cheap (HOA) are relatively very cheap.
• The taxes compared to what you have to pay in the United States or Canada are ridiculous.
• The costs of living in Medellin are really cheap compared to other cities on this side of the world.
• The infrastructure is wonderful.
• The weather is perfect all year round, winter in this city is rainy. Rain!!!

yes, we really like to emphasize that Medellin is a very cheap city to live in, of the 5 best cities to retire in America, Medellin is possibly the cheapest of all, that is why we sell this city as one of the best cities to retiring, coming to live or work from medellín is wonderful.

buying property in colombiaProperty maintenance costs are very cheap.

Property taxes in Colombia are blatantly cheap compared to what you pay for a property in Canada or the USA.

The costs of living in general are pennies on the dollar, that’s that simple, so your money here is really enough to live as you always wanted to live.

Another issue that is worth emphasizing is the infrastructure, this is something that has been changing by leaps and bounds in the last 20 years, the hospital network is wonderful and both life and property or automobile insurance are very cheap in every way.

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