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Sales commissions in Colombia

Sales commission is paid by the property seller, which is 3% of the value of the negotiation. So you don’t have to worry about hidden costs when buying a property. Here we will explain all the costs of purchasing a property in Colombia. Zero surprises.

escrow services en colombiaIf you find someone charging you a commission to sell you a property in Colombia, run to the other side because they are trying to scam you. The seller pays the commissions in Colombia, and a real estate professional knows it very well.

the sales commission

In Colombia, the real estate sales profession is not regulated or professionalized. In reality, there are very few who are trained in this field.

We are professionals in the sector with over twenty years of serving foreign and local clients. We own one of the country’s largest real estate sales networks, so our clients always return and recommend us.

Sales commissions

Our team is ready to give you the best possible real estate service in Medellin. We have designed many benefits to give you the most complete service. As a broker, we go above and beyond our responsibility to give you peace of mind and tranquility. We can show you the best properties and give you heads-up on any discrepancies we see in any real estate deal. We aim to be your realtor, the company you trust to recommend to other friends and relatives.

We are convinced our level of service will dazzle you. We have been helping fellow expats buy real estate in Medellin since 2015. That is why we feel so comfortable doing what we do, the same reason we know our services are above not all but many of our fellow realtors in the city.


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