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Cheap Farm with Land in Gomez Plata Near to Medellin

Economic, agricultural farm of 54.3 acres for sale in Gómez Plata just two h from Medellin

Price: COP 550 Million 
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About this rural property for sale near me, Medellin in Gómez Plata – Antioquia

The farm for sale is located in the Municipality of Gómez Plata, just 6.5 km or 21 minutes from the Park.
90.3 km or 2 hours from Medellín.
The farm’s altitude is between 2,000 and 2,150 meters above sea level.

The road to the farm is gravel but in good condition.
The farm has a finished house of 129 m2 with four bedrooms, two bathrooms, two large corridors, and a semi-integrated kitchen.

The farm has its water sources.
360-degree panoramic view.

Security in the area is perfect; tranquil.
The land is used to raise livestock; farms are planting Gulupa, granadilla, and tree tomatoes in the area.

The entire farm is open. However, it has a part in the native forest, where it receives aid from Masbosques for conservation.

HOA: COP 0 per month –
Property Taxes: – $441,000 per year

Closing cost (buyer):   $

Código 9363 FIN HRV

Cheap rural properties for sale close to Medellin – Gomez Plata

Gómez Plata is a municipality located in the department of Antioquia, Colombia. Here is some information about Gómez Plata:

Gómez Plata is situated in the northeastern part of the department of Antioquia, approximately 134 kilometers (83 miles) from Medellín, the department’s capital. It is part of the subregion of Northern Antioquia.

According to the latest available data from the Colombian government, the population of Gómez Plata is around 6,000 people. The majority of the population engages in agricultural activities, with coffee being one of the primary crops grown in the area.

The local economy of Gómez Plata is primarily based on agriculture and mining. Coffee production is an important economic activity in the region, along with other crops such as beans, corn, and vegetables. Mining activities focus on the extraction of gold and silver.

Gómez Plata is not widely known as a tourist destination, but it does offer some natural attractions and opportunities for outdoor activities. The surrounding area features beautiful landscapes, including mountains, rivers, and forests. Visitors can enjoy hiking, birdwatching, and exploring the local flora and fauna.

Gómez Plata has the basic infrastructure, including a town center with amenities such as a town hall, schools, health centers, and small businesses catering to the local population. Road connections provide access to Gómez Plata, although the terrain in the region can be mountainous and challenging.

While Gómez Plata may not have the same level of tourism infrastructure or a wide range of attractions compared to larger cities or more developed tourist destinations in Antioquia, small farms for sale near Medellinit can still be an exciting place if you appreciate natural beauty, rural settings, and a more authentic Colombian experience. It’s advisable to plan your visit and check for any specific activities or natural sites of interest in the area.

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About this rural property for sale near me, Medellin in Gomez Plata

The availability of mountain land for sale in Colombia is subject to changes in price or deal. The information, including the property measurements, is informative for orientation purposes. To verify these data on the areas and services and all the legal vices of the property, we highly recommend going to a professional title study on the property. In this link, you can get certificates of the property. 

The price does not include legal expenses such as taxes or sales fees. The property’s seller pays the commission unless stated in the sales contract. Buyers and sellers are taxed when doing property business in Colombia. we have  la venta de fincas pequeñas en Antioquia that you are looking for.

The seller has the right to choose the notary.
Notarial rights are .40%  of the deal, and 50% and 50% are assumed by both buyer and seller
registration taxes 50% and 50%
The buyer assumes registration rights
The seller is responsible for the payment of withholding taxes

More rural farms for sale

Deciding whether it is good to buy a farm in Gómez Plata or any location depends on various factors and personal preferences. Here are some points to consider:

1. Agriculture Opportunities: Gómez Plata is known for its agricultural activities, particularly coffee production. Suppose you are interested in farming or agricultural ventures. Small farms for sale near Medellin. In that case, buying a farm in Gómez Plata may provide opportunities to engage in agricultural activities and generate income from crops or livestock.

2. Lifestyle: Buying a farm in Gómez Plata can offer a rural lifestyle in small farms for sale near Medellin with a closer connection to nature and a slower pace of life. If you desire a peaceful and tranquil environment away from the city, owning a farm in Gómez Plata can provide that.

3. Investment Potential: Assess the potential return on investment. Research the local real estate market, agricultural market, and likely demand for farm products. Consider the long-term viability and profitability of farming in the area. Consult with local experts and professionals to gather insights and make informed decisions.

4. Infrastructure and Accessibility: Evaluate the infrastructure in Gómez Plata, including road connections, access to utilities, and proximity to services such as healthcare, education, and markets. Consider small farms for sale near Medellin with the level of development and services available to support your farming or living needs.

5. Local Regulations and Land Rights: Familiarize yourself with local regulations and land rights in Gómez Plata. Ensure you understand land ownership laws, environmental regulations, and any restrictions or requirements that may apply to farming or land use.

6. Personal Considerations: Consider your circumstances, including your level of experience in farming, your financial capacity, and your willingness to manage and maintain a farm. Owning a farm requires commitment, dedication, and physical labor, so ensure you are prepared for the responsibilities and challenges.

It is recommended to visit Gómez Plata, engage with local experts and professionals, and conduct thorough research before buying a farm. Consider your specific goals, preferences, and circumstances to determine if owning a farm in Gómez Plata aligns with your objectives.