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Virtual Real Estate Tour

homes for sale in medellin colombiaWe have designed this tour to give you security and trust about what you will see to buy in Medellin.

Our marketing and sales team always wants to provide the best possible service to our customers.

You deserve royalty-level service. 

What do we want to achieve with this tour? That you begin to familiarize yourself with the areas and the types of properties that we have available to you.


luxury properties medellinWhat are we going to see during the tour? First, we will visit five beautiful properties in 5 different places in Medellin; we will see properties from 450 million Colombian pesos to 3000 million Colombian pesos so that you can better understand ​​what we can buy with that money in Colombia in your local currency.

We will also answer all the questions you may have about buying or how to buy a property in Colombia.

And you will learn how to save money even in Medellin, not because from the start you see that everything is very cheap, you are being cheap in Medellin, we are going to show you the ins and outs.

Virtual Real Estate Tours 

On your tour, you will see four types of properties in 5 areas of Medellin.
Like four guys in 5 zones, yes.

real estate condos You are going to see a middle-class apartment in Sabaneta. These properties are, on average, from 450 to 550 million Colombian pesos; you can find them with views of the green or the city. In Sabaneta, you will also see a Premium property with all the comforts of a luxury property in this city area.

You will also see the surroundings what are the amenities close to the properties, such as shopping centers and stores.

In Envigado, you will also see an apartment in an exceptional area in the middle of the city with a lovely view. Generally, apartments in this area are between 800 and 1000 million pesos on average.


ciudadela san lucas envigado zonas 5In El Poblado, you will see a spacious apartment or a traditional luxury house with much potential for reforms. These houses can be for an average of 1800 million pesos.

And finally, you are going to see a country house on the second floor of Medellin, we or I call it the Malibu Paisa, Paisa mansions; are beautiful properties in beautiful areas with beautiful finishes, properties that in the United States or Canada can easily be for above a million dollars, well almost everything can be above a few million dollars in the United States or Canada. Here you will be able to find it for a 60% discount. That easy.




What does the tour consist of?

• We are going to see each other on five different days,
• five different properties
• three different areas of the city,
• with a live feed.

Where will you and I be on an exclusive tour of 5 properties you are going to see
• the property,
• its surroundings,
• You will be able to ask us questions about what you can think of regarding these properties.

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