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Agricultural Farm for Sale Close Medellin

Economic agricultural for sale in Caramanta 45 mins from Medellin

Price: $320 Million COP 
* This Plug-in is for informational purposes only to give you an approximate price in your currency. The actual amount in your currency of origin may change without notice

Area: Between 18 and 20 hectares

this agricultural farm for Sale close Medellin Located in the Vereda El Salado of the municipality of Caramanta.
Overlooking Cerro El Vergel. 134 km or 4 hours from Medellín to the area of Vereda Alegrías. Alegrias, where the car reaches the farm by horse or on foot along a bridle path, more or less 2 km away, 30 minutes walking on a smooth road.

The property title is made up of 3 deeds that correspond to 3 non-adjacent lots.
Good waters with two natural springs.
The farm is between 1,160 and 1,380 meters above sea level at its highest point. Warm temperature.

Topography: mostly sloping with some undulating spaces.
Simple house with water and electricity
With trapiche for sugar cane panela to be produced.

The Land can carry  25 to 30 animals for cattle fattening or raising.

Cattle are not included. It is sold separately.

HOA: $0  COP per month – To be determined
Property Taxes: –  $340 tousand  COP annually

Closing cost (buyer):   $

Código 9359 FINC HRV

Cheap rural properties for sale medellin – Caramanta

Caramanta is a little city located in the division of Antioquia, Colombia. Despite the town’s relatively tiny size, there are a few things to do and see in Caramanta. Here are some activities and attractions that you can appreciate. Stroll through the city’s streets and wash in the peaceful atmosphere. You can admire the local architecture, visit the main square( plaza ), and interact with friendly residents.

The municipality is home to the Church of San Sebastián, a historical and architectural monument. You can visit the chapel and enjoy its design and spiritual significance. Caramanta is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. Take the opportunity to explore the land, come on excursions, or love scenic drives in the area. The lush green mountains and valleys offer lovely opinions.

There are several rivers near Caramanta that you can attend, including La Cueva del Esplendor and El Salto de la Escalera. These rivers offer opportunities for snorkeling, picnicking, and enjoying the area’s natural beauty. Sample traditional Colombian meals and local specializations in the city’s restaurants and eateries. Antioquian food usually includes bandeja paisa, arepas, tortillas, and various soups and stews.
If you visit during an event or party, you may encounter the local culture and traditions.

Festivals in Caramanta usually feature songs, dancing, parades, and conventional food.

Get involved with them and discover their way of life. If applicable, communicate with the residents, explore local farms, and participate in social activities or workshops.

It’s important to note that this agricultural farm for Sale close Medellin is in a little town, so the range of activities and destinations may be more restricted than larger towns. The town’s elegance, however, comes from its simplicity, unpretentious surroundings, and the chance to experience a more remote and traditional side of Colombia.

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About this agricultural farm for Sale close Medellin in Caramanta

The availability of the Farm Land for Sale near Medellin is subject to changes in price or sale. The information, including the property measurements, is informative for orientation purposes. To verify these data on the areas and services and all the legal vices of the property, we highly recommend going to a professional title study on the property. In this link, you can get certificates of the property. 

The price does not include legal expenses such as taxes or sales fees. The property’s seller pays the commission unless stated in the sales contract. Buyers and sellers are taxed when doing property business in Colombia.

The seller has the right to choose the notary.
Notarial rights are .40%  of the deal and 50% and 50% are assumed by both buyer and seller
registration taxes 50% and 50%
The buyer assumes registration rights
The seller is responsible for the payment of withholding taxes

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