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El Poblado

El Poblado is probably the most popular area among ex-pats at the moment in the city of Medellin, it competes directly with Laureles, but most foreigners want to live in El Poblado.

Properties for sale in el Poblado

This is the neighborhood of the rich in Medellin, El pueblo is a commune of Medellin, it is not a separate municipality such as Sabaneta, La Estrella, or Envigado among others.

buy real estate in medellinThe town has an upper part and a lower part, the lower part is highly desired by young people who want to be close to everything, the money belt (as I call it), is located between El Pueblo Avenue and Las Vegas, the buckle is in Santa María de Los Ángeles, a small sector of the town where everyone wants to live for their comforts and besides that is what it is in.

The financial area of ​​Medellin is concentrated in the town, which competes directly with Bogota, we know this area as the golden mile, it is an area that goes from the Loma de Los Balsos and the town park on el pueblo avenue.

This area in El Poblado has everything you need. Shopping centers, banks, it is a flat area which is very walkable and pleasant.

You will be able to find a great gastronomic offer, both from American and local chains and more intimate restaurants.

realtors near me medellinAreas like Manila which 25 years ago were considered the poor neighborhood of El Poblado are now full of beautiful hotels and hostels with restaurants and tourist services everywhere.

Parque Lleras was previously the place for young people with money in Medellin to hang out on the weekends. Now, unfortunately, it is not a place that I personally recommend.

Many years ago it was the party place for the city’s children, now they don’t go through that park.

La zona Rosa of Medellin is between 10th street and 10th-a streets from El Poblado Avenue to Mall Vizcaya. This is an area full of beautiful and modern hotels, with wonderful restaurants and many services.

El Poblado has a lot to choose from if you want to live in it. San Lucas, La Calera, El Alto de Las Palmas, Santa María de Los Ángeles, La Frontera, and Patio Bonito, are actually many areas where you will be able to find properties for sale in Poblado.

There are plenty to choose from, that’s for sure.

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