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Luxury Country Homes

Luxury Country Homes for Sale in Medellin.

Talking about luxurious country houses in Medellin is very easy. Now you will find them for all flavors and tastes because these properties can easily be modern or traditional. Moreover, they may or may not be in an entire city sector.

Beautiful homes in posh areas of the Medellin

medellin luxury real estateIn Medellin, there are several exclusive places for country houses, everything that is las palmas, the upper part of El Escobero, Los Balsos, the upper part of Las Palmas, the middle part of El Escobero, the Llano Grande, the wow retreat there are many areas where you will find houses luxurious country houses, I call them mansions Paisas

Luxury Country Homes for Sale of this type may or may not be in a closed unit. There are many places, such as an area that I love called La Esperanza, this place is in the upper part of Las Palmas, and there are many very exclusive units. Still, you also find an endless number of extraordinary independent country houses.

luxury homes in medellin for sale

The best luxury properties in Medellin

In front of Esperanza, or behind Indiana, is a sector known as La Acuarela, which is simply phenomenal. It is one of the most exclusive areas in the entire country. It’s that simple, in this area, there are a few exceptions, modern closed units and precious as there are also independent houses. Country houses of yesteryear of successful country entrepreneurs. A great area.

You will find three great strip malls near this area, where you can find the most select restaurants in the city.

There are also areas like the Llano Grande, a very wealthy neighborhood, and El Tablazo, a place of ancestry silver. The entire sector of Las Palmas, El Retiro, San Antonio de Pereira, La Ceja, and all of eastern Antioquia is simply spectacular.

Now we must remember the north, south, and west of the Aburra Valley, places where you can also find many units of spectacular houses. You will be able to find your most appropriate place depending on the type of climate you like.